Our Philosophy

While training is designed to influence knowledge, skills, and attitudes – our goal when facilitating is to move people.  We believe in facilitating processes that engage every participant, foster healthy boundary-driven communication, encourage problem-solving, and defeat complaining – all while moving the group to an agreed-upon end result. 

Facilitated events can include:

  • Strategic Planning                                                                       
  • Leadership, Staff, and Board Meetings/Retreats                                          
  • Focus Groups                                                                                             
  • Visioning Sessions                                                                                       
  • Succession Planning

Why Hire an Outside Facilitator?

Our Facilitators at Inesse Consulting represent a neutral, third party.  Group members are traditionally more inclined to be honest, active contributors when a neutral representative is present.  Facilitators are highly skilled in guiding a group to their destination by keeping the group on task and focused.  It also allows management and higher level executives to participate, which encourages a level “playing field” where everyone is an equal contributor to the process. 

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