About Us

Inesse Consulting, LLC is the trusted organizational development company for businesses who want to master the 'people side' of running a successful business. Through our services and products, we have played a critical role in strengthening leaders, reducing conflict, creating a culture of accountability, improving "soft skills", and influencing a more harmonious and productive workplace. Our team of trained and certified professionals bring people together in a spirit of camaraderie that leads to better outcomes, higher employee morale, and a greater impact on the bottom line. We provide coaching, training, facilitation, and assessment services - specializing in leadership, interpersonal communication, and career development.

Are you ready to be or have stronger leadership and a work environment that fosters appreciation, harmony, and alignment?

LET US HELP… we love this stuff!

Business Coach Tammy Ditzel

Tammy L. Ditzel, GCDF-I, CPRW
Founder & CEO

Our Values

Our core values at Inesse Consulting are the essence of our identity - the principles & beliefs that guide us in 'doing good' to every client we serve.


Every client we serve is a 'beating heart', and we treat them with respect and kindness. We stay connected to moral and ethical principles through honesty and a consistent display of character.


Quickness is only part of what it means to us to be responsive. We know that the work we do is all about our client and being responsive to their unique needs. We are receptive, open to feedback, and adaptable.


We relentlessly prioritize the results and outcomes our business clients deserve. We are committed to seeing it through – for the growth and development of others.


In•esse(In-'essay), pron. 1. A Latin phrase meaning in existence; to be; from within. 2. The trusted resource for training, coaching, leadership, facilitation, interpersonal communication, strategic planning, career development, and much more.

The name of our company couldn't describe our philosophy more - we believe people have greatness already within them. The call to action for our team is to lead our clients to breakthroughs - uncovering that greatness and unleashing their potential. We find success in achieving this through customized results-driven training, leadership development programs focused on self-awareness, workplace coaching designed to produce more effective outcomes through problem-solving and reconnecting to the joy of meaningful work, and facilitation processes that prioritize trust-building and follow-through.

Every project we take on is driven by what our clients need to lead the way, create joy, and inspire results. Not sure what you need? Don't worry - we have some pretty awesome skills at getting to the root cause of your challenge!

The Results

"I have worked with numerous trainers and consultants over the past 35 years and Inesse Consulting is one of the best with whom I have had the privilege to work. It is evident they are passionate about their work, and even more evident that their expertise is second to none. Part of our evaluation of the effectiveness of staff development is staff enthusiasm - and we have staff asking for more! Additionally, we have seen a positive difference in the way many of our staff approach their jobs since working with Inesse, so much so that our customer satisfaction results have improved over the past year."

Susan F.