To be understood and understand others, is a set of skills that can be learned and practiced. It is fairly common for two people not to understand each other. Often, without even knowing it, we hold certain misconceptions about how to communicate with one another. These misconceptions create barriers to engaging effectively and participating in genuine conversation. Although interpersonal communication requires at least two people, the most important place to begin is with you. Self-awareness helps you identify the actions required to adapt to different situations.

Inesse Consulting specializes in customizing tools and resources to help you grow in self-awareness and learn adaptability. We do this through a variety of methods, such as training, coaching, assessment, and facilitation.

Employee getting Interpersonal Communication training

"You have an innate ability to quickly create rapport and develop relationships with anyone you encounter. I have marveled at your ability to connect almost immediately with employees. Gifted Trainers and Facilitators."
Bruce W.